Sales Management

We combine data-driven sales and marketing strategies, aggressive goals, and focused and incremental execution to meet and exceed targets.

Why EM?

High Quality Talent

  • Experienced, smart, strategic, and skilled at the art of Getting Stuff Done (GSD)
  • On average over 15 years of experience inside top-tier companies
  • 93% satisfaction/retention rate

Modern Marketers

  • Adaptable, flexible, versatile, grounded people
  • Use natural empathy to simplify the complex
  • Creative storytellers

Easy for Managers

  • Saves you time by doing the search for you
  • Personal, friendly customer service
  • Founded by a marketer for marketers

Plug & Play + More

  • Deep, diverse, and vetted bench — can flex up & down depending on needs
  • Work with small & big companies
  • Solutions for transitions, short-term, & maternity leave

Our Team & Brands We've Worked On:

Jim Herbold

Jim Herbold LinkedIn

Jim Herbold

What our clients have to say about Jim Herbold

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with and learned from Jim. Jim has it all. He knows how to build a startup. At the same time, he knows how to scale up a startup into a multi-billion dollar company. He can solve highly complex problems through rigorous analyses. At the same time, he can apply keen business intuition to navigate through opaque situations with clarity. He's humble and confident at the same time - always authentic in how he advises his clients and makes a strong impact. More importantly, Jim is a natural leader, mentor and advisor who you want to go for a long walk with, and talk about everything from business to family to life. There are very few like him out there."
— Yong Kim | Wonolo

Core Skills

Sales Leadership
Go-To-Market Strategy
Inside Telesales
Enterprise Sales
Sales Operations
SaaS/Cloud Computing
Scaling Across Growth Stages

Work HIstory

Consultant: 2015-present
Infer: 2014-2015
Box: 2007-2014
Lyris/EmailLabs: 2003-2007
AboveNet: 2000-2001
NCB Singapore: 1997-1999
Centennial Communications: 1995-1996
MCI: 1993-1994


BA, Geography and Anthropology, Dartmouth College; Named Top 5 SaaS Professor of Sales, SaaScribe 2015

EM Profile

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Sales Leader, Team Player, Enterprise Expert

Jim Herbold is not your typical Silicon Valley sales leader. He considers himself not just a team builder – and he’s built his share of successful teams – but also a team player. Jim’s 15-year career in Silicon Valley included playing a pivotal role in helping Box build a robust 400-person sales force, helping to pave the way for the company’s successful 2015 IPO. Not every company can go public, but every company can benefit from Jim’s considerable expertise in sales strategy, market diversification, and execution.

From the Queen City to Silicon Valley

Jim was born to work in Silicon Valley. Actually born in Cincinnati, Ohio, his early interest in math and science, combined with his early interest in anything electronic that had dials, buttons and gauges, made him ideally suited for a career in technology. After stints in the telecom industry in New York and the Atlanta Olympics, and then with a Singaporean investment venture, he moved to the Bay Area in the late 1990’s and found his way quickly into sales. His aptitude for helping companies go from Point A to Point B by closing deals, making strong sales hires, maximizing their productivity, all the while learning the art of leadership, made him a perfect fit for the sales side of the tech industry.

A Passion for Start-Ups, A Sixth Sense for Success

Jim has been drawn to start-ups his entire career. As a consultant, he’s looking forward to using the experience he developed across his career to help a broad range of companies in the B2B software space “get it right early on.” Jim refers to his knack for sales leadership as a “sixth sense,” and it includes building the right team, identifying the value being served by a particular product, and pinpointing a market for that product. That’s not all. Action plans. Data analysis. Scaling teams across growth stages. Jim has done it all, and he’s had great success doing it.

Time Off: Work Hard. Play Harder. No Exceptions.

Jim’s appreciation of creativity and reinvention isn’t limited to his work in the start-up culture. They also apply to his professional life. The father of two boys, ages six and ten, he’s worked hard to perfect the art of work/life balance. He’s put together a museum-grade mineral and fossil collection, is a self-proclaimed backyard grill master, and would probably be a scuba dive master if his career in sales didn’t pan out. Jim’s bucket list is no skimpy list, and he’s always been a doer. When he isn’t busy helping companies achieve their sales goals, he’s planning for the day when he’s going to take his boys to Nepal for some Himalayan trekking. He works as hard as he plays, and takes nothing in life for granted.

Molly Tapias

Molly Tapias LinkedIn

Molly Tapias
  • Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Data & Analytics
  • Management Consulting

Tina Hou

Tina Hou LinkedIn

Tina Hou
  • Product Marketing
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Marketing Communications
  • Product Management

Tara Verner

Tara Verner LinkedIn

Tara Verner

What our clients have to say about Tara Verner

“I found Tara to be an excellent leader who provided clear direction and support for her team, and earned their respect and loyalty in return. The team's related results speak for themselves. Tara is an excellent collaborator, and has the ability to think/plan strategically while also paying attention to details -- a necessary set of skills as head of a large team in a fast-moving organization.”
— Howard Rosenfield | Symantec

Core Skills

Marketing Planning & Strategy
Product Launches
Lead Generation
Customer Relationship Management
Digital/Online Marketing
Email & Direct Marketing
Web Optimization
Marketing Communications/Integrated Marketing
Content & Social Media Marketing

Work HIstory

Consultant: 2013-now
Verisign: 2006-2013
Intuit: 2001-2006
Webvan: 1999-2001
BankBoston: 1997-1999
Sutro & Company: 1993-1995


MBA, School of Management, Boston University ; BA, Journalism & Spanish, Southern Methodist University

EM Profile

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As a wide-ranging marketing generalist, Tara Verner truly loves synthesizing information and determining how each piece of the puzzle fits together. She's a firm believer in examining issues through a variety of lenses, and knows that even small tweaks can yield big results. Tara leaves no stone unturned, and her love of data gives her an added edge in helping to stretch the client’s dollars. A proficient problem solver, she's constantly looking for ways to optimize every situation and enjoys the challenge of overcoming creative constraints.


A San Francisco native, Tara studied journalism and Spanish at Southern Methodist University before working in corporate communications at a small brokerage firm. Wanting to be closer to the front end of product creation, she received her MBA from Boston University and then became a brand and product manager. Drawn in by the first dot-com boom, she returned home to the Bay Area with her husband and has been excelling ever since. After starting out in direct mail, Tara has gained a wealth of experience in the highly measurable fields of email, online, lead generation marketing, website optimization and loves utilizing metrics to improve a project’s performance.


Professionally, Tara believes a career should be "like a jungle gym and not a ladder." Not limited by a company’s size, her depth and breadth of skills can help any organization be a better, more efficient marketer, especially in an industry like technology that features such rapidly changing mediums. In addition to the ability to merge various skillsets, connecting talented people keeps Tara engaged and invigorated by her work. This is true internally, working across teams, but also externally, making discoveries about customers' desires and helping them achieve their goals. Getting to know her customers and building products for their needs is at the heart of Tara’s work.


Outside of consulting, Tara adores her three young girls, and enjoys cheering them on at plays, basketball games, swim meets and more. They surely get athletic inspiration from their mom, who stays active herself with both a weekly tennis and weightlifting group. Tara is a doer by nature, and takes pride in doing things efficiently. She finds particular joy in discovering new tools to help her better manage projects and initiatives, even household ones, and is consistently reading and staying up to date on the latest marketing ideas, philosophies, and platforms. She's always striving to learn and to be a better marketer.

Rick Kawamura

Rick Kawamura LinkedIn

Rick Kawamura
  • Product Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Development
  • Branding
  • Strategic Planning