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Undercover Marketer – Domino's Turnaround or Spinout?

Ken Chen

Ken Chen

February 24, 2010

7 thoughts on “Undercover Marketer – Domino's Turnaround or Spinout?”

  1. Service always makes a difference! While I appreciated the video and its ability to hold my attention, what the heck was up with that final audio track?

  2. Very Tasteful AND Filling!
    Well done, Ken. Have to admit I was laughing out loud. I think you need to work on your second panelist, though. Not sure his data provided much value. I completely agree with Michele. Their pizza is only part of the issue. I guess they figured their speed and service brand is so entrenched, that product quality is their new barrier.

  3. Great end to end view
    Hi Ken – great work on this. I think you were right on in assessing the end-to-end experience – even if their pizza has improved, the bad call experience and wait time would be a big factor in whether you would order from there again.

  4. Should delivery be assessed?
    Great taste test, but I wonder if delivery/service should have been included in this particular test. I don’t recall Domino’s new ads claiming they’ve streamlined their delivery process. Just better tasting pizza. (I agree though that delivery time is part of the overall experience.)

  5. One Experiment is Worth a Dozen Theories!
    Excellent to see that you designed a simple and clear experiment to test the assertion that Domino’s has changed. I wonder if Domino’s did any experiments on their own? Seems like their turnaround is more marketing than substance, at least for your neighborhood store. Failure to engage each individual employee in the change process dooms many such transformations to superficial changes. Perhaps if Domino’s spent their money upgrading the skills and performance of the people serving their customers they’d see real and sustained improvements in business success. Terrific video, entertaining choice of music, and I love the drum stick pointer!

  6. Very creative
    Love it. Good injection of humor and light-heartedness with a clear intention as well. Very creative idea.

  7. Undercover Marketer
    Ken – Aside from making me hungry, your video does a good job pointing out that the full ordering experience (phone service, waiting, delivery person, etc) is just as important part of evaluation as the product itself. Let’s face it, Domino’s vs. local favorite is a competition between two brand experiences, not just two products. It’s hard to believe that with their resources and focus on a turn-around that the big boys still miss the target on that part. Good piece. Please keep them coming.

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