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Facebook Fatigue: The Social Media Window Is Wide Open

Ken Chen

Ken Chen

February 8, 2013

7 thoughts on “Facebook Fatigue: The Social Media Window Is Wide Open”

  1. I totally agree, Ken. Maybe the super-geeks will blame me for not being a savvy use of Facebook, but I’ve never been good at separating the stream of posts from acquaintances and people I barely know from those I care deeply about. I’d love to be able to have meaningful interactions with circles of family, circles of true close friends, and circles of true business collaborators and clients. But when I go to Facebook all I get through is the last 6 posts from people I may or may not be interested in. These days I just hope not to offend anyone, so I “like” every response, reply to every message, and accept every friend request. I was hoping that tools like Facebook would create an opt-in way to stay in touch with those people I’m closest to, but instead it’s become “another email box” to check and filter through.

    I’m experimenting with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, and have only limited satisfaction with each of them. I’ve given up on Twitter as a meaningful connection tool, really. It’s more of a status symbol now. Lots of followers? You must be a successful business person.

    I, too, am ready for the social revolution, which will bring us meaningful interactions with those family, friends, collaborators, and clients. Bring it on!

    – Scrappy Kimberly Wiefling, Author “Scrappy Project Management”, and “Scrappy Women in Business”

    1. I moved all my group activity to various FB groups last year and now that’s where I do the bulk of my FB communication. I have 1 for my family, 1 for Michigan State Sports, another one for movies, another one for an old softball team. This seems to do the trick for me, but it’s still FB and it’s still shallow and the communication still feels lacking. Something cool this way comes. 🙂

    1. It’s interesting, but I can’t even tie my shoes in 6 seconds. I could see this app catching on as a fun distraction, very quick communication tool (good for folks who are dating), and more internet hoaxing (sorry Manti). Let’s be serious though – how many of your videos are 6 seconds or shorter?

  2. Facebook is what it is, in my mind, primarily a vanity site for teens and to maintain secondary relationships. Don’t lament it isn’t what it wasn’t designed to be. If FB wanted to inspire deeper relationships, would they have bought Instagram, which is even more superficial than Facebook? Twitter? Really? You have low standards for rich interaction if you can see it 140 character tweets. Bottom line, typing and video viewing are one way communications no matter how real time they may feel. Nothing can replace a handshake and eye contact.

    1. Jeff – you are preaching to the choir, but I think there is a line of entrepreneurs who will die trying to replace real human interaction, and I know we can do better than FB.

  3. Sounds like a combo/version of Path, Google+ (still rarely use), and newer apps Tango & WeChat (allows groups to share all that including voicemails…)…

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