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What Mobile Marketing Is NOT

Carl Lan

March 14, 2013

4 thoughts on “What Mobile Marketing Is NOT”

  1. Great post! I think the problem is that many companies are using the same people that have done traditional marketing or websites their whole life, so their tendencies are to rinse and repeat. Mobile opens up a world of NEW possibilities and that’s just scary for folks who don’t want to learn quickly.

  2. Along with “let’s create a viral video,” I hear from clients “let’s make an app like Angry Birds to generate X” the most. Hilarious… much like the ‘hands-free cell phone kit’ in the photo – College Humor strikes again.

    Quality post, Carl. Thanks.

    1. Ah yes, the gangnam-style viral video. Great example Eric. I’m noticing the mobile ad networks beginning to offer video ad units touting their click-thrus and engagement times, with hopes that the better produced ads go viral on SNS – i.e. movie trailers. It’s a slippery slope given mobile data network restrictions and how intrusive these ads can be. But with the recent avalanche of popular new mobile video apps like Vine and Snapchat – mobile video is here to stay, the question becomes: how is it best included in a mobile marketing toolkit? Great fodder for a future blog post! Thanks Eric.

  3. Thanks for guiding us through the sometimes confusing world of mobile marketing, Ken! With much of the world now accessing the internet through their phones vs. a laptop or desktop computer, we’ve all got to be more aware of the role that mobile plays in our marketing.

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