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Women In Consulting: How Do You "Lean In?" [Book Review]

Jennifer Roop

June 27, 2013

3 thoughts on “Women In Consulting: How Do You "Lean In?" [Book Review]”

  1. Fabulous – couldn’t agree more. Avoided reading this book, but think I’ll pick it up now. I think that women speaking up doesn’t just apply to the corporate woman but to all aspects of a womans life – in her friendships, marriage, politics and with her children – we need to be heard and we often don’t “put it out there”. Great job Jen – proud of you!

  2. Great write-up Jen! Agree with all your points and wish I could say that we are making as much progress on the Daddy equality front, but know that’s not the case. Personally, one of the reasons I moved into consulting was to spend more time with my children. The way I see it, you really only have 10 years with your kids before they get swept away by their friends and maturing lives. I didn’t / don’t want to miss out. I work a lot, but remind myself that I have to Lean Into being a more equal parenting partner. After all, that’s the most important job I have in my life.

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