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How to Build a Vibrant, Loyal Community

Eric Kroll

August 20, 2013

2 thoughts on “How to Build a Vibrant, Loyal Community”

  1. Nice post Eric. I agree with all 4 points and think all good marketers should develop the skill of building a community because that’s how good marketing will be done in future IMHO. The only word of caution I have for people starting a community is to find some administrators that share the passion of your members and be patient. Just like offline communities, these things take time – brick by brick, member by member.

    1. Ken –

      Great point. I actually meant to include that in my original blog post.

      At, we both recognize (#3) and involve (#4) our most active and passionate members by asking if they want to join as a moderator of the community.

      How it works – now has nearly 35,000 members across 35+ online patient communities. Each community is its own site that starts off getting moderated by 1 person who actually has the condition and 1 member of our team (who helps support and run the site). Our “mods” help welcome new members, post content, answer questions, and more. Once there are enough members to need more moderators, we reach out to our most active members for their assistance in being moderators.

      We have several members who are so passionate that they help out on multiple communities as moderators. One moderator (who can not work a full-time job) is on our various communities up to 8 hours per day helping out. He says it gives him purpose and has been tremendously helpful to him to help others.

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