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The Fan-tastic Side of Social Media

Eric Chan

October 17, 2013

2 thoughts on “The Fan-tastic Side of Social Media”

  1. Nice post, Eric. As a rabid sports fan myself, this confirms a lot of things I feel I’ve noticed about sports and social media over the last few years. I can get into some pretty good debates with friends on Facebook and go for days, but when it’s game day, Twitter is definitely my spot for score updates, instant analysis, injury updates I might miss because the volume is turned off at the sports bar, etc. A lot of sports fans (and I include myself) can’t seem to get enough of their games or their teams, so having a secondary information source feels exciting and makes me a better informed fan. Why have less knowledge when you can have more?

    That said, your point about being stuck in class is double edged: I love that I can find out what’s happening immediately if I’m missing a game I want to know about, but it’s even more difficult to avoid information from those social channels if it’s a game I’m recording and want to watch fresh on delay. Ah the perils of modern day sports fandom!

    1. Funny – to your last point Justin, I just saw something about an app that blocks spoilers for sports and TV shows! “Spoiler Shield”

      And great post, Eric! I have sports watchers around me (but don’t watch a ton on TV myself). I do usually find out the biggest sports news from people’s comments on my Facebook feed!

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