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How to Bring the Best of Startup Culture into Any Marketing Organization

Stephanie Cruz

January 16, 2014

3 thoughts on “How to Bring the Best of Startup Culture into Any Marketing Organization”

  1. Stephanie – thanks for sharing! I think you are spot-on. Just because you have a limited budget, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be investing in some marketing. We like to use user as a virtual research tool to get feedback on messaging, web pages, really anything. I also agree that everything should be structured as a test in the beginning with clear learning objectives and metrics. I think even big companies should structure their marketing programs this way.

  2. Totally makes sense, Stephanie! I especially like using the team to contribute to social media efforts – it’s fascinating to see the passion, culture and personality of a startup. One could create quick and dirty content guidelines to try to stay on brand!

  3. Nice read, Stephanie. Just because you don’t have a budget (or even if you do), it doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative and clever with your efforts. Love getting direct feedback and including everyone for social media; people will always be the greatest asset you can have, so why silo marketing efforts when they can instead permeate everything? The more people you involve from all angles the greater the reach.

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