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5 Tips to Make a Successful Transition from Full-Time to Freelance

Ken Chen

Ken Chen

April 8, 2014

8 thoughts on “5 Tips to Make a Successful Transition from Full-Time to Freelance”

  1. Great post, Ken. Good point about #4, sometimes a project isn’t a great fit or something you intended it to be. Even if a project isn’t the perfect fit, you can always learn new skills and understand how to approach problems differently. One thing is for sure, as a consultant, you are always learning!

    1. Sherry – very true. I feel like as a consultant, if you have multiple clients you are forced to learn exponentially. It’s another perk to being a freelancer.

  2. Especially true is your comment on Biz Dev. It’s been so rewarding to reconnect with those in my network and learn about what they are wanting to do and help them. If you see it as a chance to catch up with former business friends, it can be a joyful part of the process and re-energize you as a bonus.

    1. Kara – it’s Karma in action. I’ve found that if you did good work in your past roles and people liked you, they are likely to hire you in the future.

  3. Thanks for this insightful and helpful post, Ken! I think about these exact things as I make the (not-so-graceful) transition from FTE to consulting. One thing to add to #5 – don’t underestimate the importance of getting things done with a smile!

    1. For sure, a smile helps and a general great attitude is a must. This is why I advise consultants not to take on too much work because keeping a positive attitude is key.

  4. Great article! #1 was the biggest hurdle for me and those of us who used to chase the titles.
    I would also say freelancing can make you a more resourceful worker too. As a consultant you don’t get the “I just started” leeway as a typical full-time employee. You are expected to hit the ground running each and every time with VERY little transition or onboarding. Now after multiple clients I find I’m much more confident and can deliver for the client without much handholding.

  5. Great article. Love the pep talk from Ira Glass. So true – the more you write the better you get…

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