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The Press Release Is Dead (Again)

Alice Chan

May 15, 2014

2 thoughts on “The Press Release Is Dead (Again)”

  1. Totally agree. I think the important this is to do the thinking behind a press release like what’s the story or reason we need to announce anything to the world, and will they care. If you have something important to say that interests others, sounds like you have a blog first, then maybe a press release.

  2. Great post Alice! There’s still a place for press releases, but the proliferation of milquetoast press releases dilutes their perceived value.

    I’ve seen the same situation and heard the same kind of remarks you describe, and they never cease to astonish me. To Ken’s point, it’s hard to do the thinking as to why anyone would care. I think sometimes the parties involved don’t want to face the fact that there is no story and no reason to care–or they realize it but don’t have the courage to tell that to their boss.

    It’s also hard to think about what the best platform for delivering a given piece of information is. There are so many to choose from, such as the one you mention, and without a well-defined strategy the press release becomes the default platform simply out of familiarity and overwhelm.

    Being able to provide analytics about press release performance is the key to helping organizations see where press releases are effective and making the case for a better thought out strategy. However, most PR agencies I’ve seen really need to get better at the analytics part of the engagement.

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