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7 Ways to Optimize Your Copy for Mobile

Paula Polley

Paula Polley

June 25, 2014

4 thoughts on “7 Ways to Optimize Your Copy for Mobile”

  1. … the ideas are not new to me – but you articulate the
    web site vs. mobile site dichotomies in a way that pops;
    it is very clear – virtue!

    I haven’t seen much like the blunt PayPal before/after,

    You synthesize a gritty topic cleverly w/ concatenation
    and great linking copy. Very strongly target your writer

    I want to show it to a colleague overseeing the creation
    of a company web site with an eye to mobile for another
    internet portal attached to home banking for document

  2. All great points Paula. Especially about how visual the Internet has become. I’m curious however, if the folks that are searching for content I. Their mobile care so much about the visual. It seems that they would be more interested in the content unless it’s a a ute for fashion, let’s say. What do you think?

    1. Tracy, Thanks for responding!
      I think that if someone is doing an organic search—just for you—then they already know something about you and are looking for specific data—either location or product info. So we don’t need a lot of copy to ‘sell’ them. That said, if it’s a query, like ‘best app for writers’, a clean, open site design with strong short copy and some sort of eye-catching visual is still going to have stronger appeal than a copy-dense site. And to get more data in, it can be a scrolling site. Make sense? : )

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