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You Should Get Mail!

Tim O'Brien

July 23, 2014

4 thoughts on “You Should Get Mail!”

  1. Thanks Tim for sharing. I sense that the tide is turning ever-so-slightly back to not being just reliant on marketing automation and e-marketing solutions. For example, I have several clients that have had success with phone #s staffed by real people, and coaching type services that bridge the gap between an impression and a somewhat complicated or considered purchase. After all, there’s nothing like something that sits on your desk and is a constant reminder of the company. 🙂

  2. Great read, Tim. It’s easy to lose sight of these forgotten marketing techniques in this digital age when things seem to keep moving forward to the “next big thing.” As my dad always said, “Everything old will be new again.” Perhaps our digital age is at a point where analog solutions have an even bigger impact than before; surely the surprise factor (who expects mail?!) can be advantageous.

  3. As long as the ROI is there, why not use direct mail? Costs a bit more, that’s for certain, but no one should forget that a test can prove it’s place in a marketing mix. At the same time, testing can gain learnings on targets, creative, offers and more.

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