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Eight Web Design Trends for 2015

Melissa Mahoney

January 28, 2015

7 thoughts on “Eight Web Design Trends for 2015”

  1. Great list Melissa! I guess I’m a little old-fashioned but I don’t like auto-play videos. If the website is B2B, chances are your audience might be in the office where a video playing might not be a great thing. Just a consideration, but totally get that on mobile finding the click button can be an issue.

  2. This is a great rundown, and I’m super excited about most of these trends. The advances with imagery and typography are great — I think they’ll both really propel the web into a new level, where sites will finally feel like they’re maximizing their opportunities with the medium, rather than feeling like a stale digitized version of a printed something. Advances in devices and displays really make all that great stuff pop, too.

    The personalization stuff is super helpful if it sticks to delivering me content I want when I want it and not creepy ads that follow me around the web. 🙂

  3. Melissa–great insight especially on scrolling. In some client tests, I’ve seen the long scrolling pages beat shorter pages too and it goes to show we should continue test options with customers.

    Also, appreciate stock photography comment–it is boring and in the age of personalization, we have to make it a point to be authentic and real no matter what size your business is. Great tips!

  4. Really like this list (and imagery). I do wonder if you would differentiate this list for B2B versus B2C. Intuit just went through a year+ long move towards single pages with scrolling. But some of the product lines have reverted back to multiple pages as the scrolling got to be too long and in some cases the the single page made the product seem like a limited offering.

    Also, on imagery, the business units are moving back towards more specific product imagery – from larger more ’emotive imagery’. It will be interesting to see if this helps revenue.

  5. I have been in this industry for 15 years now, and this blog is very useful to help me keep up with design trends in the web space. Responsive is definitely a must.

  6. Thanks Melissa. I really like the card design idea. We’re all short on time, and the approach seems like it could work really well for brochure sites needing to quickly convey the myriad of information one can access in visually compelling way.

  7. Great overview. I know and see that scrolling is here to stay. While I like it when I’m on my mobile – when I’m on my laptop I find it sometimes frustrating and harder to navigate. I like my “clicks” vs. my “scrolls” in that environment.

    Excellent article!

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