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The Future of Work Looks Bright: 4 Trends to Cheer About [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ken Chen

Ken Chen

March 17, 2015

4 thoughts on “The Future of Work Looks Bright: 4 Trends to Cheer About [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. Excellent article and awesome infographic! I work with people from dozens of different countries, and collaboration is one of the most essential skills for getting results in the global business world.

  2. Fantastic article Ken! Really enjoyed reading it! The infographics are AMAZING. Will definitely be sharing this with my clients!

  3. Looks like women are more effective than men by the stats (not surprising!), but are there actually more women? I feel like I read lots of articles that still suggest not near enough women vs. men. And my experience suggests there are not as many as expected, especially in the startup world, nor finance, and probably other areas. Has the # or % at least risen lately? Wonder if the effectiveness stats changed over time for males and/or females?

    Good related article yesterday in TechCrunch by friend who has a company in the talent space (he was part of our team who launched, too) –

    Good to keep these things and diversity in mind, so thanks for sharing!

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