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Consulting: Are You Using Emotional Intelligence?


Jennifer Roop

March 31, 2015

2 thoughts on “Consulting: Are You Using Emotional Intelligence?”

  1. Good post Jen. Smart people can learn in any environment, but it is very hard to teach someone emotional intelligence. Paying attention to the workplace in a different way is certainly true in the world of consulting.

  2. These comments courtesy of Sherry Jacobs:

    “Great article Jenn! Agreed with the content within…… 😀 Actually deal with it quite often.

    Lessons I’ve learned include:

    1-Introduce yourself & your experience and your willingness to become part of a bigger team in a more 1:1 setting with key individuals on the team. Don’t assume everyone knows your role or capability or even wants your help. They will open up more to you. In the long run, this is so much more for you than them.

    2-Listen more at first and gauge what is REQUIRED vs. NICE to HAVE. Be a FOLLOWER at first, than once you’ve established yourself LEAD and delight them.

    3- There are always obstacles (process, people, planning) and FRAMING your opinions/recommendation is very important. Always provide best options and solutions with promising and positive outcomes. They know all the negatives. Be their hero from get go!

    In the end, it will likely take a bit more energy & time from you (coz no one will hand this to you on a silver platter) but will also pay off in leaps and bounds!”

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