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Wisdom 2.0: A Breath of Fresh Air for Our Lives

Kara Jariwala

February 26, 2016

7 thoughts on “Wisdom 2.0: A Breath of Fresh Air for Our Lives”

  1. Great post, Kara! Thanks for sharing your key learnings and helping us remember the importance of slowing down and mindfulness in our frenetic-paced lives.

    Count me in for the next Wisdom 2.0.

    1. I would love to have a Wisdom 2.0 tribe to attend next year. Tickets can sell out so I’d recommend getting on their email list. Great event!

  2. Beautiful recap, Kara! Thank you for moving on it so fast.
    I’m finding unexpected gifts from the Wisdom 2.0 experience in these days following. The environment hangs on:-)

  3. Love seeing that leadership criteria is “centered on those who are authentic and focused on learning and personal growth — in addition to being resilient, confident and self-aware.” Beautiful summary, Kara.

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