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How A.I. Can Solve the Top 3 Pain Points in Marketing

Adelyn Zhou

September 27, 2017

2 thoughts on “How A.I. Can Solve the Top 3 Pain Points in Marketing”

  1. Great article Adelyn! Do you have any particular favorite solution from the above that you’d recommend a marketer take a look at?

  2. Hi Adelyn,

    That was a very insightful article. I don’t yet use marketing ai, but am very interested.

    I enjoy reading your posts and wanted to share a guide that I recently put together on my practical experiences with Salesforce Campaign Reporting, which has helped our company out with unifying data:

    It gives a walkthrough of the process from the initial Marketo Salesforce sync to an example of a completed multi-touch dashboard. I think that having a healthy sync between the two systems also helps solve common marketing problems.

    Do you think this would be a good fit em marketing? If so, maybe I can help with a future post on your website. If that’s too much, but you still find my guide useful, please link back to it and connect with me on LinkedIn.


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