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Freedom to Work Anywhere, Part 4: How to Transition Away from the Bay Area

Christine Keefer

Christine Keefer

September 21, 2018

Editor's Note: In a previous blog, Ken Chen says it's possible to work from anywhere as a consultant. All it takes is some imagination, the right client, and the will to go for it. Take it from Christine Keefer, a marketing consultant whose family moved to Bend, Oregon to escape the stress and craziness of the Bay Area.

Here are a few snapshots that I think tell a good story on how we have managed to make this transition.

1. Life is short.

If you feel like the Bay Area no longer "fits" into how you see you (and your family) spending the next 10 years, then make the move. It will not be easy, but then nothing worth doing ever is...

2. Bring your business with you (and keep your rate).

You know you work hard (and smart) because of the experience you bring to your clients. That doesn't change just because you move out of the Bay Area. You have access to all the same technology that keeps you responsive to your clients. Just keep using it. Thanks to texting, Slack, blue jeans and email, you are right there when your client needs you.

3. Make time for some good, old-fashioned face time.

We chose Bend because it still had access to an airport with flights to the Bay Area. This is key. Of course, it helps to come home to these awesome mountains!

4. Bonus: Enjoy yourself.

We have found that moving to a small town affords us more time to do what we enjoy. With this kind of beauty right in our backyard, we seem to lead a calmer, happier life than we ever thought possible.

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