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Colleen McCarthy: Driven to Serve Clients and Community

By Leilani Yau

February 2019 Consultant of the Month

There’s nothing ordinary about Colleen McCarthy’s passion. It permeates through her consulting work. It shows in her commitment to serve as a volunteer in her community. What Colleen does best is to engage in the task at hand, figure out what needs to be done, make a big impact, and set up a team for future success. That’s something extraordinary.

Currently, Colleen consults for Entangled Velocity, part of a larger venture fund for education technology. As part of the marketing services group, her main focus is to create content — blog posts, emails, and collateral — for Entangled’s portfolio of startups.

From content to product to marketing strategy, Colleen has done it all, within startups, mid-sized businesses, corporations, and nonprofits. That broad experience allows her to dive in quickly to develop what companies need to draw in customers.

Committed to Serve

Colleen is a fairly new kid on the block when it comes to consulting. But don’t let that fool you. She has many years under her belt as a marketing executive in several tech companies. From soup to nuts, she has led all aspects of product and service marketing, building strategy and implementing it. As a client, you’d be well-served by this seasoned professional.

In marketing, writing a call to action comes second nature to Colleen. However, a different call to action motivates her — one of serving her community. As Regional Organizing Coordinator for Northern California for Swing Left and a board member of The Shanti Project, she has found more ways to make an impact. With these projects, Colleen enjoys helping teams work together to reach a common goal.

Colleen says it’s very similar to product marketing, where being a cross-functional player is a key to success. Experiences in these diverse roles inform each other and make her more effective at helping clients communicate with customers and constituents.

A Unique Career, Fulfilling Passions

As Colleen was considering the move to consulting, she desired more flexibility with her time. Now, she is able to get more involved in her community. In addition, she takes advantage of free time doing typical Northern California activities, such as hiking and swimming.

Colleen has achieved one component of EM Marketing’s mantra: “Balanced individuals do the best work.” Spending part of her time involved in community organization and political activism truly charges her up. She harnesses that energy and pours the passion back into her work to bring impeccable results for her clients.

Leilani Yau

About Leilani Yau

Leilani Yau is a digital marketing consultant, specializing in content marketing and social media for small businesses and non-profits, and helps clients L.O.V.E. (Listen, Offer, Value, Engage) their target audiences online.

2 thoughts on “Colleen McCarthy: Driven to Serve Clients and Community”

  1. Great stuff! So glad you get to do all these great things (one of which was *just* what I was looking for.) and woot-woot Intuit Alumni!

  2. I loved working with Colleen McCarthy back in the day! So glad to see you’ve come full circle at EM Marketing. You’ve always been so passionate about whatever endeavor you are working towards.

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