Our Story

em-bricksIn 2003 I suffered a health crisis which led to Spinal Cord Surgery for a rare condition called a Cavernous Malformation. The experience was extremely frightening and changed my life.

Up until this point I spent my young adult years obsessing and stressing endlessly over work. My surgery made me realize that I didn’t want my life to just be about work. I set off to follow other passions, which included: middle school basketball coach in East Palo Alto and San Francisco; and summer school Algebra teacher. To support myself financially I consulted. I’m still consulting today and I still love it!

When I started EM Marketing that very same year, I discovered what I call “true work-life balance.” A decade and more later I focus on helping talented marketers, designers, and specialists find meaningful consulting and contracting projects with great clients, so they too can find true-work life balance.

Over the years we’ve grown organically, project by project, client by client, one brick at a time — and we are excited to see what the Future of Work holds. We think EM is a small part of that future.

Ken Chenken

Work-Life Balance: