Why EM?

why choose em

High Quality Talent

  • Experienced, smart, strategic, and skilled at the art of Getting Stuff Done (GSD)
  • On average over 15 years of experience inside top-tier companies
  • 93% satisfaction/retention rate

Modern Marketers

  • Adaptable, flexible, versatile, grounded people
  • Use natural empathy to simplify the complex
  • Creative¬†storytellers

Easy for Managers

  • Saves you time by doing the search for you
  • Personal, friendly customer service
  • Founded¬†by a marketer for marketers

Plug & Play + More

  • Deep, diverse, and vetted bench — can flex up & down depending on needs
  • Work with small & big companies
  • Solutions for transitions, short-term, & maternity leave

The Origin of EM: Earth Monkey

Earth Monkeys are strategic and highly-skilled at GSD (Getting Stuff Done). We mostly only work with consultants referred by other EMs. Takes one to know one…

Earth Monkey Traits:
diligent, motivated, honest, trustworthy, calm & collected, more dependable than most, genuine human beings

We’re building a community of like-minded, high-quality marketing and business consultants who are interested in sharing, learning, and achieving great things for their clients. We’re not your typical consulting firm because we put our consultants first and have a flexible partnership model.