Three Simple SEO Tips to Get Your Website Found

How do your make your website known, particularly if you’ve just launched? How do you get your site into Google search results? Here are three simple things you can do to help get your website found.

1. Use keywords your customers are searching for on your site.

In order to figure out keywords to use, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What words do they use to find your site? The more specific you are (e.g., using 3-4 word phrases), the more likely you can get your page to the top. Google provides a useful keyword generator. Here’s step by step guide on using the tool.

Jordan's Kitchen, San Francisco

By adding keywords throughout the website, Jordan’s Kitchen was able to improve its search engine rankings tremendously.

Let’s take a cooking lessons website, for example. Jordan’s Kitchen is located in San Francisco, so instead of optimizing for a generic term like “cooking classes,” he should optimize for “cooking classes in san francisco.” Doing so, he’s way more likely to attract the right customers. If someone in Ohio was searching for cooking classes and came upon his site, it would be useless.

Once you have a few phrases figured out, do a search and see where your site lands in Google search results. At first, Jordan appeared on page 10 for our search term. To improve this, we worked in that keyword phrase on a couple webpages, including the page title, description and body copy. After one month he appeared on page five of the search results, and after two months he appeared on page two.

2. Get links to your website on other related sites.

In addition to focusing one page on your key terms, it is also very helpful to get links to your site on other related sites. In Jordan’s case, Yelp makes a lot of sense. There may also be directories that list cooking classes and sites where he can offer coupons. He could also invite people who blog about cooking to his class to review it. Think about your industry and how you can get your site listed.

3. Blog away.

The more often you update your site, the more interesting it is to Google and the more credibility you appear to have. I know blogging can be difficult, but if you put aside an hour per week you can come up with a quick article. You can also invite guest writers — they provide you content and you provide a link to their site (a win-win!).

We can’t stress enough how important blogging is. It’s a bit like flossing — once you get it into your routine, it will be a piece of cake!

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6 Responses to Three Simple SEO Tips to Get Your Website Found

  1. Ken says:

    Nice tips. I find that the biggest barrier to these 3 is the blogging part. Most business owners are too busy to put aside the time to write. I think the key is hiring an editor type person who can meet with them on a regular basis, listen/take notes and write for them or find others who can write for them inside the company.

  2. Brian Cotsen says:

    Hello Nicole I want to add to your blog and also comment on Kens comment.

    As someone who works with the very small guys, often just one man bands, I recognize that there are many businesses out there that do not have the time to ‘blog’ and sadly don’t have the money to pay someone else to write content for them, it’s just unrealistic to think that a therapist, plumber or cafe owner could afford to employ an ‘editing type person’.

    I do offer a solution though and it’s linked to point number two. I encourage my clients to read and comment, if they have something relevant to say, other peoples blogs. Most blogs, like yours, allow the commenter to give their website link or link to relevant pages within their website.

    This is a great way to build quality, relevant and valuable backlinks to a business website while also building athe brand and letting customers find the website in other ways.

  3. Gene Brown says:

    Good Guidelines. Usually people get the keywords right, but that alone would not do. Frequent updates in the sites and linking the website to related searches would produce a better outcome.

  4. Keyword optimization is probably one of the most important strategies for ranking high in the search engines. It represent you so you must do all the effort on making it on top of the competition in order to make sales and generate income.

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