Trend Watch: A New Spin On Ad Targeting


ad-tech-VR_20150520Reporting from the front lines of all things digital advertising, ad:tech San Francisco, the EM Marketing team set out to find the next great channel for your media mix. While virtual reality headset vendors demoed their wares, we powered on to find more tangible business growth drivers.

At the Startup Spotlight Series, we happened upon four early-stage software companies competing for a prize in the Consumer Product Goods vertical. A rundown of the players (warning: buzzword overload!):

  • Intenta – Target purchase intent in real-time
  • MentAd – Predictive marketing platform
  • Retailigence – Converting online shoppers into offline buyers
  • Vigure – Product recognition rewards platform

All of the presenters gave strong cases and unique approaches to spending a $100,000 test budget for Soy Vay (a purveyor of classic Asian sauces with a kosher twist), in order to increase sales and brand awareness. In the end, the online-to-offline (O2O) solutions of Retailigence took the prize. But for those of us in the User Acquisition trenches, Intenta’s value proposition struck a chord.

ad-tech-Next_20150520In the beginning, there was plain old targeting. You know, the types defined during ad campaign creation — demographic, contextual, geographic, audience, and the like. Then, the emergence of retargeting (or “remarketing” for the Googly folks) that shows you ads all across the ‘net for those jeggings you browsed on H&M. 🙂

And now, pretargeting! In their words: “Target the viewer of any URL. When we say target any URL, we mean it. There are over 4.4 billion indexed pages on the worldwide web. Intenta works with every single one of them.” Whoa. This differs from retargeting; with pretargeting you can reach like-minded consumers who have never visited your site before. And their “3 Cs Media Plan” (Complementary, Competitive, & Comparative URLs) seemed very actionable for your next test budget.

So, will pretargeting become the next hot term and proven tactic for the online marketer? Or, is it just a clever spin to differentiate oneself in a crowded advertising space? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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