The Power of Pinterest: 4 of the Best Pinterest Marketing Campaigns

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks today. But what’s so great about Pinterest? This visually heavy social media channel allows you to search for specific topics while it simultaneously curates content for you based on Pinterest users that you follow. Industries with a strong visual component⎯ such as fashion, interior design, travel, photography, and the culinary arts⎯ have hugely benefited from Pinterest. How can you take advantage of Pinterest for your brand? Check out these top Pinterest marketing campaigns that have been viral successes in the past couple of years. See how they got their fans involved and consider doing something similar for your brand!

1) Honda’s #Pintermission Campaign



Honda ran a successful Pinterest campaign by picking five influential pinners and inviting each of them to take a 24-hour break from Pinterest to actually do the activities that they’d been pinning about.  Better yet, if the pinners agreed, Honda would provide each of them with $500 to make their boards come to life. Honda challenged these pinners to take a #Pintermission. The goal of the campaign was to promote Honda’s new CR-V that encapsulated a “get out and live” personality in a unique way. Honda created posters and shared Pinterest boards with their collaborators for increased promotion. The results? More than 4.6 million people were exposed to the #Pintermission boards, leading to more than 5,000 repins and almost 2,000 likes. The campaign earned Honda the honor of first place in the Best Use of Pinterest category in PR Daily’s Digital PR & Social Media Awards. Honda chose to take an innovative approach to its social media campaign, and it was a smashing success.

2) Urban Decay’s “Get Electric. Festival Style.” Contest


Urban Decay

Urban Decay, a cosmetics company, debuted a new collection called “Electric” and simultaneously launched a Pinterest contest to create buzz about it. Urban Decay asked their fans to pin their favorite festival looks for a chance to win tickets to Coachella, a popular music festival in California. The ultimate stroke of genius in their plan was that the contestants were required to fill out a form with their email address in order to enter. Urban Decay saw a spike of 50,000 followers on its board, Get Electric. Festival Style. Not only did Urban Decay get more social media exposure through this contest, but they also saw a huge boost in email subscribers. Not to mention that the Get Electric board is itself a beautiful splash of color.

3) Country Living’s Dream Bedroom Pinterest Contest


country-living (1)

Country Living’s Dream Bedroom Contest offered participants a chance to win $500 in brand new bedding. But in order to qualify, users had to (a) follow the company on Pinterest, (b) create a new board called “My Country Living Dream Bedroom” on their accounts, and (c) pin 5 of at least 10 pins from Country Living’s own page. Additionally, each pin had to be tagged as #CountryLiving and #DreamBedroom which increased exposure. Entries were judged by a panel of editors based on creativity and originality. By requiring users to press the follow button, use specific hashtags, and pin directly from the Country Living Pinterest page, Country Living got incredible social media attention and kept things fun for their fans. The contest resulted in tons of repins, hundreds of comments and entries, and generated a lot of interest in Country Living and its products.

4) Jetsetter’s “Pin Your Way to Paradise” Campaign



The travel company, Jetsetter, offered fans a trip to Bali by creating a “Pin Your Way to Paradise” board and adding images that related to clues posted on the company’s Facebook page—a great example of social media cross promotion. The main prize was a seven-day trip to Bali, but there was also a $500 Jetsetter voucher offered to the person whose board had the most followers. More than 500 people created boards for the campaign and saw a boost of website traffic by over 150 percent! Jetsetter helped market their brand not only by offering huge prizes to contest winners, but also by using their images on Pinterest to link to their company elsewhere on the internet.

As its fan-base continues to grow, Pinterest is making advancements with campaigns and contents. Pinterest will become even more effective for e-commerce when it launches its new “Buy It” button, which allows users to instantly make purchases and will completely change the way people interact with social network. The value and power of Pinterest is undeniable, so don’t miss the chance to build your brand or business on the social network!

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