Lunch & Learn Roundup: Design Thinking, Marketing Automation, and Working with Other Consultants

Last Friday we hosted our latest Lunch & Learn, and it made for another fun and informative afternoon. First, many thanks to all our consultants and collaborators who helped make it possible; it was a real treat to have so many consultants from our vast network under one roof!


The event centered around three presentations:

1) Design Thinking by Anu Sanghvi: Three great tips on how to do it well. Most important is to focus on the human-centered approach of really meeting with and understanding both your clients and customers. Anu is an expert and someone in the EM Community that can help others learn how to apply design thinking with great results.

2) Marketing Automation & Inbound Marketing by Suzy DeLine: How marketers can use a tool like HubSpot to more easily create quality content and track it. Suzy’s presentation included a live demo of HubSpot and she is leading the EM effort to help other consultants get training on various marketing automation tools.

3) Working with Other Consultants by Ken Chen: Five ways or reasons to work with other EM consultants, including real-life examples for each. It’s cool to be a consultant that collaborates!

You can check those slides out right here, or by visiting our SlideShare.

Finally, we experimented with a live stream! We were able to broadcast the event in real-time so those that couldn’t make it in-person could still participate. We’re happy to say that more than a few consultants joined, and we’ll certainly look to do more of this in the future! You can watch a recording of the live stream right here.

[Timestamps: 16:40 – Ken’s Intro, 19:30 – Anu’s Presentation, 55:20 – Suzy’s Presentation, 1:30:40 – Ken’s Presentation]

Thanks again to all those that participated, and we hope to see you at the next event! As always, we’re very interested in any comments or suggestions you might have for future events, so please do share any thoughts you might have in the comments! We’re constantly looking to improve what we do.


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