Still A Better Way to Market

It’s Throwback Thursday! We created this video back around 2008/2009 and in six short years, it seems pretty out of date. The kooky music, the sizing of the video and visual are so pre-2010s.

However, I think the messages are still relevant and some ring even more true today. If you are not a big company with a huge budget, traditional TV, print or radio will not net a good ROI. Instead, you are better off developing great content, video and features for your website to attract organic traffic.

You can then use social media to amplify your message. The big game changer in the mix is social ads which combine the reach of traditional advertising with more relevant content — at least that’s the promise.

I also believe that traditional focus group testing is being utilized less in favor of services like User Testing.

We’d love to hear your take on what new ideas you might have to help companies find a better way to market. Please add them below in the comments.

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