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Last year, I joined the EM Marketing team as CFO, but also as a partner to build Finance and Data Science & Analytics capabilities for our clients. We’re excited to be able to take a more data-driven, strategic approach to finding insights and to optimize marketing campaigns and plans.

A few things our teams can do:

  • Forecast demand for a new product (or an old one going through new competitive pressures)
  • Predict customer behavior to better target specific customer segments
  • Creating clean, custom databases to ensure seamless customer experiences
  • Building powerful dashboards
  • Build the financial case for new product and marketing initiatives – in Finance language
  • Better measure effectiveness of various marketing initiatives and campaigns
  • Go beyond just collecting data and utilize it as an asset to make better decisions

We can help you with a solo consultant/contractor to help fill a gap, or a team to devise and execute a data-driven strategy. If you are interested in meeting with us to talk about your needs, please let me know (

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  1. Suzy DeLine says:

    Yay Data and Finance Nerds to Join us Marketing Nerds!!!!!

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