Next-Gen Consultants: Meet Sammie Yamashita

Editor’s Note: We’re starting a new “We Are EM” series, focused on a new generation of consultants. What does employment look like for Millennials, who came of age during the internet explosion and entered the workforce during an economic recession?

Admin Extraordinaire and Social “Flossopher”

Sammie Yamashita is a social media consultant who knows a thing or two about viral memes and cocoflossed smiles.

As EM Marketing’s Operations and Office Assistant, Sammie Yamashita works closely with the heart of the company: Ken Chen, Kathy Jung, and Tiffany Quang (aka “TQ”). She on-boards new consultants, manages EM’s social media presence and keeps the team super-organized. It’s almost a full-time role at 35 hours per week.

On the side, she moonlights as a social media consultant for Cocofloss, a sister-run business that makes flossing more fun. Doing social media for a beauty company is something she’s always wanted to do. She doesn’t want to give that up. (She could try to find just one full-time job. But she is really liking this consulting thing.)

How Sammie Got Started

As one who grew up with the internet, Sammie was social on Facebook as a tween and may have been the first among her peers to use Instagram. As a high schooler, she figured out how to “say it quickly and say it well” to capture people’s short attention spans. She and her friends created a viral meme page that became very popular in her school district. This was her first taste of managing social media and it sparked her keen interest.

As a freshman in college, Sammie took an environmental writing class and fell in love with the department. She majored in environmental studies, with a minor in communications. However, her experience as a social media and digital marketing intern solidified her long-time view that business and marketing was where she wanted to land in her career.

Why Consulting Works

“I would say one of the best parts about having multiple roles is the different income streams, especially coming right out of college,” Sammie said. During school, she only worked part-time and it was harder financially. “Now I’m able to save more money.”

Having two jobs has allowed her to become more independent and truly start living the adult life after college. Sammie said, “It was awesome to be able to move out of my parents’ house because I had moved back for a few months after I graduated. I don’t think I would’ve been as able to do that if I didn’t also have my Cocofloss income on the side.”

Lastly, Sammie is able to learn various skills in a shorter amount of time. “People who are around my age should take on as much as they can. You’ll be able to learn so much more than if you were just in one role doing one kind of thing or in one certain industry,” she said.

Sammie with her EM Marketing teammates

Consulting Is The Now And The Future of Work

While work and a daily hour-and-a-half commute take up much of her time now, she is enjoying the lifestyle. Sammie was inspired to take on two jobs by her roommate, who has a full-time job but moonlights as a proofreader. “Seeing her really inspired me to say, ‘I can totally do this too,’” she said. They sometimes do their second jobs together at night.

By working with EM Marketing, Sammie has learned so much about being a marketing consultant and how awesome it is — the work-life balance, how everyone is so happy — and she loves working with Ken and Kathy. She had never considered it before, but now she can see that it’s definitely in her future.

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