Come for the opportunities.

Stay for the community.

Independent, together.

Freelancing doesn’t have to be lonely. The EM Community was created to help independent marketers support one another. We connect you with consulting opportunities, and we also provide you with the support you need to make each engagement a success, and that includes membership in our community. You’ll be welcomed warmly by people who know marketing and know freelancing and are on the same journey as you are.


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Make connections.

The number one lead source for most independents is their professional network.


Help each other do great work.

There’s power in saying, “I don’t know, but let me consult my network.”

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Share your knowledge.

Ask questions, give advice and contribute to the conversation.

Join forces with the savviest marketers in the biz

The EM community is open to anyone who qualifies to be an EM Consultant, regardless of whether you’re currently working on an engagement through EM. Once you’ve filled out our application, interviewed and been accepted, you’ll receive an invitation to join the community.

Find your people

Need a referral for a graphic designer? Looking for A/B testing tools? Want to know how to price an engagement? Get trusted referrals and advice from marketing consultants with first hand knowledge and experience. Share your own expertise so people can feel confident referring you. With over 200 consultants from every marketing discipline, there’s sure to be someone who can help with whatever your current challenge is. Here’s how to connect to the community and find your people.

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Peer Groups

Connect regularly with a small group face to face in your area or online for accountability, validation, encouragement and practical advice.

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Online 1:1 Networking

Add a fellow marketing consultant to your network every week by signing up for Donut, a Slack matchmaking app for professional networking online.

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In-Person Events

We bring the community together a few times a year to learn and have fun together. It's a great way to get to know people and grow your network.

Have an idea for an event?  Submit your idea here.

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Lunch & Learn

Share your expertise by offering a lunch and learn online or in person. Stay up to date by attending lunch and learns put on by your peers.

EM Marketing Slack

Slack is the hub for the community. Drop in for EM news and events. Ask questions, share your expertise--and your latest fun obsession!

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Want to give a hand up to an up and coming consultant? Consider becoming an EM mentor. Looking for guidand on your consulting journey? We'll match you with a mentor who can help.

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Social Media

Follow us on social media to follow the latest marketing trends and see what our consultants and other marketers are talking about.

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The Howl & The Vine

Demonstrate your marketing knowledge by contributing to The Howl marketing blog. Share wisdom learned on your consulting journey on The Vine, our blog for consultants. Read both to learn and get to know the experts in our community.

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Specialized Coaching (discounted)

Several of our consultants are also business coaches who are intimately familiar with the challenges of growing a consulting business, and offer their services to EMers at discounted rates.