Today’s approach to building your team’s capacity.


Expertise on demand, so you can get more done

Marketing used to be much simpler. There were few channels, a known cadence of campaigns, and limited ability to measure performance. Today, new channels are cropping up all the time, each demanding to be fed with content and optimized for performance. Marketing now has a quota for contributing to pipeline and revenue. Sometimes you need extra help to get it all done.

Adding one more FTE isn’t always the answer. Hiring can take a long time, and it can be hard to find the exact combination of skills you need. Even when you find the right person, employees have a lot of demands on their time beyond just getting the work done. Independent consultants are 100 percent focused on the job at hand.

The EM difference

Our consultants contribute more than just another pair of hands. They bring outside perspective and insights gleaned from working on lots of different projects and for many types of companies. They’re seasoned pros who can hit the ground running and begin delivering value immediately.

Who works for EM?


We know marketers, and we meet everyone personally before we send them to you. Most of our clients have been working with us for over a decade, hiring their favorite consultants over and over, and hiring additional EM marketers as they grow. Once you hire one EM marketer, we think you’ll join hundreds of other companies in making EM your go-to source for marketing talent.