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Client Project: Website Redesign for SnapStrat

By Justin Liszanckie

SnapStrat empowers organizations to dramatically improve outcomes through smarter use of their data, better collaboration, and more nimble decision making. It is a complex product offering, and they needed a redesigned website that more clearly explained its values and benefits.

EM collaborated with SnapStrat to develop a more professional website that targets its three key personas: potential customers, investors, and employees. Starting with a review of of their existing materials and competitive positioning, Kevin Cranfill crafted a new headline and website copy that increased the clarity of SnapStrat’s product concepts.

Then, Lindsey Obermeier crafted a new visual look and feel for the website, complete with new graphics that were specifically tailored to SnapStrat’s product and two use-cases. This included a full animation that neatly illustrates the robust power of SnapStrat’s product in an easy to understand format. Similar animations are sprinkled throughout the site, creating a lively and informative online presence. Lindsey also handled all front-end development to bring her new design to life. 

EM Marketing Team:

Kevin Cranfill – Copywriter
Lindsey Obermeier – Designer & Developer
Justin Liszanckie – Project Manager




New Process Animation

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About Justin Liszanckie

Justin Liszanckie -- manager of EM Marketing's Design & Development practice area -- is an independent marketing consultant by day, and an aspiring actor/photographer by night. He's endlessly interested in the conversations and relationships between people, both online and off.

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