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Finding That Next Great Job Opportunity

By Kelly Gherardi

As I wrap up one marketing consulting project and begin looking for the next, I find that the sheer number of what I call “potential opportunities” makes my head spin.

A close relative of information overload, I define potential opportunities as the ever-increasing roster of websites, apps, social media pages, professional networking sites, and so on, that one must scour regularly to find the best job opportunities.

Before even getting to the actual job postings themselves, let alone applying for any of these great roles, the task of wading through venue after venue of “potential” can become overwhelming.

I’m stressing “potential,” because you’re not guaranteed to land any of these fabulous jobs, and you might not even get an interview. So even though I often feel like I’m drowning in potential opportunities, there’s that unrelenting FoMO (fear of missing out) that gets me back to my laptop to have another go at it.

In an effort to keep some semblance of sanity as I look for the next gig, here are some approaches I’m using to wrangle the multitude of opportunities:

  • Narrowing Down Resources.

    Focus on venues that offer the highest value, such as those that consistently feature jobs that are the right level for my experience, and at great companies. A particular agency or company stays on my list when I have a good conversation with someone there, and continue to build rapport with them or their colleagues.

  • Searching Efficiently.

    After an initial search, thereafter I only look for positions that have been posted within the last two or three days (depending how often I’m visiting a page, site, or app). If I plan to search at scheduled times each week, it keeps me focused and up-to-date, and I don’t end up rereading things I’ve already looked at. Randomly looking at job-related websites or social media pages can be interesting but usually fritters away time and isn’t super productive. In other words, I put all that potential opportunity in project mode.

  • Talking to Other Marketing Consultants.

    Whether they’re consultants I know or people I meet at workshops or events, I always make an effort to share contacts, resources, and leads, knowing (hoping anyway!) that the good mojo I put out will eventually make its way back. It sounds cliché, but in addition to giving and getting great support from those in a similar situation, it can be one of the best ways to find a position without spending as much time in front of a screen.

I think most of us can relate to the feeling of simultaneously being bombarded with information and opportunities, while wanting to take in as much as possible, to be the best we can be. At some point, trying to chase every awesome lead becomes virtually impossible. It comes down to figuring out a way to manage the opportunities, rather than letting all of the “potentials” manage you.

What strategies do you use to sift through potential opportunities to find the best leads for your next project? Please share in the comments!

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About Kelly Gherardi

Kelly is a Bay Area Marketing and Communications pro with 20+ years of experience leading, planning, and executing a broad range of B2B and B2C initiatives for revered brands including Visa, Apple, and Expedia.

2 thoughts on “Finding That Next Great Job Opportunity”

  1. Hey Kelly, great article. I definitely find option 3 to be a treasure trove (and the most fun… great to have an excuse to catch up and hear latest greatest from other companies/disciplines!)

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