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Meet Ali Ward: An Accomplished, Results-Oriented Marketer

By Justin Liszanckie

Editor’s Note: This is the thirteenth in our We are EM (Monkeys Are People Too) series.

Your Catalyst for Marketing Success

Ali Ward has years of experience as a direct marketing professional, with expertise in both digital and print mediums. Ali’s greatest strength as a Senior Marketing Manager may be her capacity to see the big picture while simultaneously developing the necessary task lists, assignments and schedules for her team so that high-level goals can be met. She thrives on moving between strategy and execution, a skill she honed during her years in print production. Ali is extremely adept at communicating with colleagues of varying skillsets and styles, adapting her approach as necessary to achieve the best end result.

Ali takes one for the team at a work offsite.
Ali takes one for the team at a work offsite.

A Rewarding Career in Tech, By Way of the Rockies

A Colorado native, Ali initially gravitated towards journalism after serving as the editor of her high school paper. She majored in Organizational Communications at Pepperdine University but saw her interest in newsgathering wane after an internship with a local news station. After college she moved to San Diego where she served as the Advertising Coordinator at Academic Press, and later as the Print Production Supervisor at HD Supply. Her journey into the world of marketing was officially underway, and it eventually brought her into the tech industry at Intuit. Through it all she has enjoyed the opportunity to utilize her natural social skills and instincts, flex her creative muscles, and work with a wide variety of colleagues.

Five fun facts about Ali.
Five fun facts about Ali.

Data Driven, Detail Driven, Customer Centric

Ali’s meticulous attention to detail, combined with her unique understanding of consumer preferences, reflects her core marketing philosophy: A project must be data driven to be effective, and it must be customer-centric to have traction. Those two points have always been true, but the rapidly advancing digital landscape makes them even more relevant today. Ali’s favorite projects are those where customer insights drive every part of the process, from setting the strategy and conceiving the messaging to executing the campaign and conducting follow-up testing. She respects the value of every client’s investment, and prides herself on tracking results to ensure every dollar that’s spent generates the best possible return.


Time Off: Traveling the World, Raising the Bar

Ali loves the varied environments and experiences that routinely arise from her work as a consultant, but she is equally passionate about her personal time. Outside of work, she scratches her travel itch as often as she can; she’s visited 16 countries (and counting), with trips to Paris and Ireland topping her list of personal favorites. On the homefront, Ali is an avid moviegoer who also loves to read. She and her husband are amateur mixologists, and enjoy entertaining guests with one of the inventive libations they’ve blended, shaken and stirred behind the bar they built themselves.

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About Justin Liszanckie

Justin Liszanckie -- manager of EM Marketing's Design & Development practice area -- is an independent marketing consultant by day, and an aspiring actor/photographer by night. He's endlessly interested in the conversations and relationships between people, both online and off.

One thought on “Meet Ali Ward: An Accomplished, Results-Oriented Marketer”

  1. Great post Justin!

    Ali, if you haven’t put Hong Kong on your most interesting place to travel please do! Amazing blend of old/new, east/west, urban/wilderness. And the outdoor pub in the middle of the Zoo is not to be missed.

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