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Meet Nancy Keith Kelly: A Strategic, Self-Starting, Team-Building Adventurer

By Justin Liszanckie

Editor’s Note: This is the fifteenth in our We are EM (Monkeys Are People Too) series.

ICEformatted_nancy-keith-kelly2A Marketing Generalist with a Global Perspective

Nancy Keith Kelly is a creative thinker, adventurer, and team builder. She’s also an expert in both business development as well as marketing & communications strategy, making her an ideal fit for a wide variety of marketing programs. She is currently working with the Intuit Developer Group to bring apps developed with strategic partners to market. She explains what the apps do, describes the benefits to customers, and her work has produced exactly the results the company hoped it would. Intuit didn’t need an app for that. They had Nancy.

A Successful Launch of Her Own

It’s a great big world out there, and Nancy is working hard to discover every square inch of it. A California native with a liberal arts background, Nancy was considering a career in law but landed instead at Apple, where she was part of the team that helped launch the company in Japan and China. As a result of her experiences living in Hong Kong and Singapore, Nancy has set a goal for herself to visit 100+ countries. She crosses destinations off the same way she crosses off projects, one unforgettable adventure at a time.

Five fun facts about Nancy.
Five fun facts about Nancy.

A Global Leader, A Can-Do Attitude

Nancy prides herself on being a citizen of the world. She knows from firsthand experience that what works in the U.S. market may not work abroad. Her expertise has benefited more than a few companies that understand that as great as the U.S. market is, overseas markets are where the real action is. She’s also a people person who believes in the importance of getting to know your teammates, letting them know what you do, and that you’re eager to help them. Happy to set strategy or carry it out, she wears the title “working director” with pride.

Time Off: Meaningful Friendships, Epic Adventures

Nancy’s spirit of adventure simply knows no bounds. She’s photographed polar bears in Northern Canada, just under the arctic circle. She’s scaled Mt. Rainier and Mt. Kilimanjaro. Living and working in Asia gave her chance to explore parts of China, Thailand, and Cambodia most people don’t see. She’s an outdoors enthusiast who loves spending time with friends and hanging out with horses. Nancy isn’t somebody that likes to sit still. The world is waiting, and Nancy is on her way.

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About Justin Liszanckie

Justin Liszanckie -- manager of EM Marketing's Design & Development practice area -- is an independent marketing consultant by day, and an aspiring actor/photographer by night. He's endlessly interested in the conversations and relationships between people, both online and off.

One thought on “Meet Nancy Keith Kelly: A Strategic, Self-Starting, Team-Building Adventurer”

  1. Nancy, we worked together at Apple many moons ago… I was in Employee Communications. I love seeing the adventures you’ve had over the years and your photos are amazing! Nice running into you again here at E-M!

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