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Third Thursday Talks | Kristen Matthews on Influencer Marketing

By Mackenzie Hamilton

EM is premiering a new series known as Third Thursday Talks. We will be speaking with a wide array of EM community members on topics such as how they found consulting, and deep dives into their areas of expertise. To start the series, here is a discussion on influencer marketing.

Ken spoke with Kristen Matthews, Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist & EM consultant. Kristen specializes in Influencer Marketing, an area that seems to only grow in power in recent year as customers crave authentic recommendations. Originally known as, “blogger outreach,” Influencer Marketing is often defined by it’s novelty. But at it’s essence, it’s word-of-mouth marketing meeting the internet.

The key to why influencer marketing is so valuable is, “consumers do want to hear about your brand, but they don’t want to hear about it from you.”

To learn more about influencer marketing, check out the full discussion below.

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