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Third Thursday Talks | Molly St. Louis, “3 Types of Content: Earned, Owned, and Branded”

By Mackenzie Hamilton

EM is premiering a new series known as Third Thursday Talks. We will be speaking with a wide array of EM community members on topics such as how they found consulting, and deep dives into their areas of expertise. To start the series, here is a discussion on how one finds success freelancing.

Last month's Third Thursday Talk, Ken spoke with Molly St. Louis about all things content -- from articles/written content to videos.

Molly took us through the 3 types of content: Earned, Owned, and Branded (with a special focus on branded, a.k.a. paid, content.) So, what is "Branded Content", and why do big companies like Amazon & Salesforce invest so heavily in its creation? Molly shares tips for how to make this content successful (as well as her perspective from time working on the other side as a journalist.)

Ken & Molly's discussion also touched on video: "One of the most powerful marketing assets that you can have. But, not all video is created equal."

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