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Unlock the Power of ChatGPT: 7 Actionable Use Cases for Marketing Consultants

By Alex Cwalinski

ChatGPT's recent rollout can earn you “early adopter” status and add a boost to your resume. As businesses quickly seek ways to make use of its capabilities, it is vital to remain up-to-date in the ways it can be leveraged. This is not only for our clients but for our careers. Will you have AI prompt design experience when recruiters start looking?

This article will explore a few different ways that ChatGPT can be utilized. From ideating content to emailing media pitches, here are seven actionable use cases you can start using today.

The Playground

Before we begin it's important to note that these use cases employed the ChatGPT Playground. The Playground (image on the right) is different than the traditional ChatGPT interface (image on the left) you might have seen.

The main difference is that the Playground has adjustable settings that you’ll see on the far right. Only two settings were adjusted for the examples in this article. The first was Temperature, which was set to 1. The next was Maximum Length which was set right in the middle around the 2,000 mark.

Creating Content

1. Social Media

Writer's block can strike at any time, but ChatGPT can do all the heavy lifting here. Simply give it a prompt and have it turn that into a witty social media post with a call-to-action:

2. Ideation & Discovering New Topics

ChatGPT can quickly generate content ideas for your clients. The AI is very good at suggesting relevant topics around any business, industry, or audience. For example, if your client's reader base consists of runners, you can use a prompt like this to get ideas, "Write blog post ideas for a running website."

ChatGPT - running website

This prompt can be adjusted to the needs of any client, website, or customer base. If you require more niche or specific results you can adjust the prompt accordingly. For example, this prompt, "Write blog post ideas for a running website that would appeal to expert runners," will yield ideas that are less catered to beginners. Applying the word, "appeal," can help you generate article ideas with catchier headlines.

If the results are simply too generic you can change the prompt like this to add more variety, "Write unique and surprising blog post ideas for..."

The prompt can even be adjusted to develop ideas for eBooks, instructional guides, webinars, or TikTok videos.

3. Content Outlines and Draft

After developing a desired headline you can easily prompt ChatGPT to write a complete article modeled after the title. However, the content will likely be generic since the AI does not have a sufficient prompt to work with. A better strategy would be to prompt ChatGPT to provide you with relevant headings like this, "If this were the article title, "Injury Prevention for Runners: What You Need to Know," what would be some good headings?"

ChatGPT - _Injury prevention..._

The suggestions may not always be a perfect match, but this will provide you with a good starting point. You can rephrase the prompt any number of times until you have a solid outline to work with.

Once you have your headings ChatGPT can write content for each one. You can specify the parameters like the number of paragraphs per heading and the number of words per paragraph. It is very important to fact-check your completed article and make edits. OpenAI has already launched an AI detection software so you’ll want to make sure you give your content that human touch.

4. Improve Existing Copy

ChatGPT can bring boring content to life. The text below displays a hastily written paragraph about a fictional app called Pi6eon. I prompted the AI to "...improve this so it sounds exciting and interesting..." which the AI did.

ChatGPT - Improve copy

Notice the prompt included a request to, "Make it a paragraph long." You can prompt ChatGPT to make it even longer, but that will likely provide a more generic and repetitive response. Further, you can add voice and tone instructions to the prompt if you need it to read formally, casually, etc.

5. The PR and Media Pitch

Media pitches are the most common way to cold email journalists and media professionals. Many of us use templates but maybe you’ve used them numerous times and want to try something new?

Here is where ChatGPT can make your pitches sound more compelling and engaging. Notice the bits of information provided in the prompt below: what is happening (Pickly app is launching), when it will happen (next week), where it's happening (Apple and Google app stores), who it matters to (vegans, allergies, restaurants),how (helps people find restaurants), why (avoid foods they dislike).

ChatGPT - Media pitch

If you're happy with the structure of the pitch but need it to sound more professional or more friendly, you can prompt ChatGPT to, "Make this read more compelling," beneath the results.

Once your pitch is complete you can request email subject lines from the AI. Like this prompt example, "What are some friendly subject lines I could use for this email? Provide me with three options."

If you need a full press release you can simply tinker with the existing media pitch prompt. By changing the prompt from, "Write a friendly media pitch..." to, "Write a press release..." you now have something to work with.

Alternatively, if you already have a press release you can paste it into ChatGPT and prompt it to convert it into a media pitch.

6. ChatGPT for Email, Slack, and Teams

Have you ever delayed answering an email because you didn't know where to begin? ChatGPT is an excellent tool for getting beyond that email paralysis. Simply copy and paste the sender's (non-sensitive) email and prompt the AI for a response.

Here are some effective prompt examples:

  • Salary negotiation
    Write a reply to this email in a friendly manner, thanking them for the 5% wage increase offer, but insist on settling for a 7% increase.
  • Webinar hosting in Spanish
    Write a reply to this email in the Spanish language. Agree to host the two sales pitch webinars.
  • Calling out sick
    Write a reply to this email that I am sick and can't do today's sales call. Ask to reschedule and apologize.

Here are some prompts for drafting new emails:

  • Payment reminder
    Write an email to kindly remind my client, Pi6eon, of payment for the Q4 marketing services I provided.
  • Interview request
    Write an email kindly requesting a 30-minute video interview with Joe Pigeon, founder and CEO of Pi6eon Inc.
  • Job application
    Write an email thanking the communications director for the interview. Request a follow-up call. Recommend Monday or Tuesday at 10 am PST.

If you have Chrome or another browser that allows for extensions, you can download ChatGPT Writer or Ghostwrite: ChatGPT Email Assistant. These are third party extensions that use the ChatGPT API. Once downloaded the extension will appear as an icon in your email reply box. This is a quick and convenient way to use ChatGPT without visiting the website. There currently is no Slack or Teams integrations with ChatGPT, so you’ll likely have to copy/paste messages you’d like to reply to in the Playground.

7. Adding AI Skills to your Resume

Prompt design, or prompt engineering, is the process of skillfully creating input for AI to produce an outcome. It’s like knowing the right ingredients to add to a recipe. This is where your industry knowledge comes in hand. Knowing what your client wants, or what type of email pitch will get the most replies, will help you design effectively.

While designing prompts to generate content may seem like a new trend, many students have been using it for years now. Driven by their need to write lengthy papers (and maybe questionable ethics) some young adults enter the workforce with years of practical AI experience. While these skills are currently rare, they could soon be in high demand. By using AI you are gaining valuable skills that could give you an edge in the labor market.

Before you begin tinkering with ChatGPT, keep in mind that some company policies don’t allow use of unapproved third party applications to conduct business. Always ensure you are not violating any rules when using ChatGPT.


Author's note: Alex is launching an online ChatGPT video course for marketing professionals. As well as one-on-one ChatGPT consulting. Email Alex for more details.

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