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What Does EM Stand For?

By Ken Chen

I’ve been doing business as EM Marketing for over 5 years now and I get this question all the time.  I wish I had something clever or even better, brilliant to say, so instead I sometimes tell people it doesn’t stand for anything.

Well the truth is that it stands for Earth Monkey.  That’s my Chinese Horoscope animal – I was born in the year of the Monkey. And, every 12 years, it’s a different kind of Monkey.  You can be an Earth Monkey, Water Monkey, Metal Monkey, Wood Monkey, and Fire Monkey.  So, if you were born in 1908 or 1968, you are an Earth Monkey.

I didn’t want to be Ken Chen Marketing, that’s just too easy.  So, I chose something that I think describes myself.  Here’s one description of an Earth Monkey:


“These Monkeys are pretty by-the-book. They are diligent, motivated individuals, honest and trustworthy. They are calm and collected, genuinely concerned for the betterment of others. They are serious about their occupations and their friendships and are more dependable than most. Earth Monkeys devote themselves completely to causes and people they love and believe in. They don’t have much of an ego because they are such genuine human beings. They demand respect and can pitch a fit if not shown what they believe they deserve.”

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About Ken Chen

Ken Chen is San Francisco-based online marketing consultant and owner of EM Marketing. EM Marketing specializes in marketing strategy, product launches, customer acquisition, and mobile & social marketing.

5 thoughts on “What Does EM Stand For?”

  1. I was wondering what EM stood for, so was pleased to find that question addressed on your website and enjoyed hearing how you came up with the name. You definitely possess those personality traits for Earth Monkey, which I can imagine help to creative positive experiences and build relationships with all your clients. =)

  2. Looks like I’m an Earth Monkey too… just making the cut in 1967. The description is so me too. Names are so important… my company is Oevae, taking after Oy Vey, the yiddish term for “oh my goodness”… which is in terms how we hope clients view our creation.

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