Join EM Marketing for an interactive workshop:

Leading During Rapid Change: The Science of ensuring team engagement, during times of anxiety & overwhelm

The workshop will be led by Dr. Sahar Yousef, cognitive neuroscientist at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and one of the world’s leading experts on cognitive training.


Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 10am PST/1pm EST
You'll come away with:
  • How to “manufacture” a greater sense of control in the daily lives of your team members.
  • How to identify your own emotional and physiological triggers and tools to quickly regulate yourself out of a high-stress state.
  • Tactical strategies used by the United States military to stay calm under pressure (even when you know you’ll be stressed.)
  • Practical mindset strategies to help your team handle high stress and uncertainty.
  • The difference between stress and burnout and how to prevent burnout for you and your team.

About Dr. Yousef

Dr. Sahar Yousef

Dr. Sahar Yousef is a cognitive neuroscientist and faculty at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. After spending over a decade doing Department of Defense research on neuroplasticity and how to improve memory, attention, and overall human performance in as little as seven weeks, Sahar now researches and teaches busy leaders and their teams how to be more productive and effective at work.

At Berkeley, Sahar runs the Becoming Superhuman Lab (featured in Forbes and Business Insider) and teaches one of the most popular MBA classes, called "Becoming Superhuman: The Science of Productivity and Performance". Sahar has become one of the world’s leading experts on cognitive training and is featured as a top scientist in the Headspace wellbeing app (used by over 2 million people every day). In 2021, Sahar produced a multi-part video series with John Legend on the science of music and its impact on our focus and emotions.

Since COVID began, Dr. Yousef has given over 300 talks and keynotes to knowledge workers in 50+ countries, has advised executive teams at Google, Coinbase, and Visa, and has even been invited to speak for the US Congress.

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