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Speed Up Facebook Ad Optimization With Dynamic Creative

By Mark Harnett

As you may have heard in the news, “Facebook Zero” is imminent. What it means is that marketers must master Facebook ads because essentially, your free, organic traffic from the News Feed will likely dwindle down more than ever.

The Challenge with Facebook Ads

As I’ve written in the past, it has been notoriously difficult to test ad creative on Facebook. That’s because Facebook uses algorithms to pick winners and losers. Often, the losers do not get an even amount of traffic to give it a fair shot.

Advertisers have found a workaround to test what works best — to upload a large number of ads in bulk. Each ad consists of a different combination of headlines, images, and text. All ads are tracked in a spreadsheet to manually analyze which ad performed well, then the advertiser focuses on using those ads in a campaign. This solution is time-consuming and does not allow for rapid measurement, so many people shy away from testing.

New Facebook Ad Testing: Dynamic Creative

Thankfully, Facebook cares about its advertisers and continually evolves its ad platform. The latest update, called Dynamic Creative, is a welcome change currently being rolled out. In Facebook’s words, dynamic creative makes it easy to:

  • Find the best combinations of creative components for your campaign to drive performance.
  • Launch ads with multiple combinations of creative assets quickly.
  • Determine the best performing content at the asset/creative level.
  • Deliver the best creative for each campaign audience and ad placement.

Dynamic creative accepts up to 10 images/videos, and five of each text asset (body text, title, description, call to action). Facebook then automatically mixes up the components and creates a series of ads, serving them up to one audience. You’ll still need to test ad variations manually for different audiences. Dynamic creative ads can be applied to conversion, traffic, and app install campaigns.

Benefits of Dynamic Creative: Speed & Better Results

Now, rather than launching your spreadsheet to analyze creative performance on a nitty-gritty level, it’s much easier to test ads at a faster pace. With Dynamic Creative, you get quick results, and you can discover the needle in the haystack of creative options.

For instance, using Dynamic Creative, my client Tinkergarten tested various elements and found a headline that had a 300% higher conversion rate than others. This amounted to significant savings of 1000s of dollars per week. They were able to home in on a message that truly works for its audience.

Have you given Facebook dynamic creative a try? Let us know how it worked in the comments.

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About Mark Harnett

Mark Harnett has run hundreds of campaigns for both high volume consumer products and high value business contracts. He has made lots of mistakes and also found some huge improvements using many of the techniques outlined here.

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