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Inbound Marketing: How Motion Graphics Improves your ROI

By Karl Pontau

Are you wondering if investing in motion graphics marketing content is a good idea for your business? The short answer: yes. In today’s market, video content — including motion graphics — is the preferred way for people to receive information.

How effective is motion graphics? According to recent research, no matter the distribution methods, video can improve the ROI of your existing marketing efforts.

An example of video animation used by Cage + Aquarium on Instagram

Should you add motion graphics to marketing emails?

Your existing email campaigns could be augmented with a link to a short animation about your business. Tell your company’s story, why you started your business or your plans for the future. Studies show that adding animation to emails had profound results. In fact, according to Forrester, emails with motion graphics boast an increased click-through rate from 200-300%! Even mentioning the word “video” in the subject entices 19% more people to open it. (HighQ)

I bet you have a website. (Please tell me you have a website!)

Motion graphics are a great way to increase traffic to your site. Forbes found that 65% of executives will visit a website after watching a related video. An engaging animated video will also help people find you in search results. Forrester found that just having animation on your website boosts your chances of a front page result on Google by 50x!

Have you heard about social media? It’s kind of popular.

It can be expensive to pay for boosted posts on sites like Facebook. Animated videos can help because they’re more likely to be shared organically. The Content Marketing Institute reports that posts with video lead to 10x more shares and engagement. Not every post is going to go viral, but you’ll get more organic distribution with animation.


If you want to enjoy better results from your marketing, adding motion graphic videos is a smart move. They’re customizable, engaging, and popular. In fact, Demand Metric says that 70% of marketers found video to be the most effective medium for driving conversions.

In summary, motion graphic videos are a great way to enhance any digital marketing campaign. If you’d like to create a video for your business, watch my story below. Contact me if you’re interested in learning more.

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About Karl Pontau

Karl Pontau owns Squash and Stretch Productions, which provides engaging motion graphics and animated content. He loves listening to clients, understanding their story, and creating high-quality content that helps them reach their goals.

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