We have a passion for nonprofits.


You’re resourceful, agile and mission driven. So are we.

If you’re like a lot of nonprofits, you’re hustling every day to fund and fulfill your mission. There’s always more need, and never enough time and resources. And now with COVID, traditional funding sources have dried up while the demand for your services has increased.

On top of those challenges, you may have had to pivot from in-person programming and outreach to 100 percent digital—overnight. To reach your constituents in this new landscape, your team is being called on to learn new digital marketing skills.

You know you need help, but there’s no time to pause and strategize, let alone execute campaigns and programs.

Rethink, re-invent, re-fund

We can match you with experts in every communications and marketing discipline. Our consultants are flexible enough to play many roles, from developing strategy to roll-up-your-sleeves execution on multiple fronts. Whether you need messaging strategy, website redesign, a digital campaign, or the know-how to take your fundraising digital, we can help you execute marketing initiatives with confidence—without adding headcount.

Many of our people choose consulting because it allows them to pursue their interests, including non-profit causes. With one foot in corporate marketing and the other in passion pursuits, they can bring perspective, ideas and best practices to bear on your mission.

Make your cause our cause

EM Marketing has worked with nonprofits throughout our 17 years in business. During COVID, we provided subsidies to place EM consultants in 11 nonprofits to support them in making the transition to digital—work that deepened our expertise in and commitment to the nonprofit arena.