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PayPal and EM Marketing: A Robust Partnership

EM Marketing is a marketing talent agency that serves as a trusted resource for marketing consultants to the tech industry. We tapped our deep bench of marketing & fintech experts to fill talent gaps at PayPal, the world's largest online payment platform.

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years of EM helping PayPal

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EM consultants who have helped PayPal

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EM projects for PayPal

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Project Snapshots

Here are snapshots of some of the many ways EM consultants have helped PayPal satisfy diverse marketing needs:

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Product Marketing & Go-to-market Strategy

An EM product marketing consultant helped create the sales enablement strategy for the launch of new ‘buy now, pay later’ products in the US, Italy and Spain, and designed an operating model for such products in seven global markets.

This work involved connecting all stakeholders to establish robust collaboration, creating a master tracking calendar, and orchestrating well-received pre-launch trainings.

The approach worked so well that PayPal plans to extend this go-to-market methodology to other product lines.

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Digital Marketing & Strategy

One EM consultant converted to full-time at PayPal after a series of years-long contracts.

He developed a digital marketing strategy for the Latin America team and scoped out a mar-tech platform for the Global Digital Strategy team, which resulted in deploying new campaign taxonomy across the PayPal marketing system.

He also helped the PayPal Credit team market the launch of the ‘buy now, pay later’ initiative, which resulted in the team’s best-ever year for network marketing.

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Product & Event Marketing

PayPal’s Enterprise Events and Experiences team brought on an EM consultant to help plan the C360 customer conference, work on sales kickoff and planning for the BottleRock music festival on which PayPal is a partner, and create hospitality plans for PayPal Park and Phoenix Suns stadium.

He also helped streamline events-related workflows by putting together a playbook for PayPal teams that want to participate in small and regional events, providing instructions on approvals, branding, logos, and considerations to enable independent planning.

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Technical Data Analysis

PayPal sought out an EM consultant to do technical data analysis to assess the effects of paid media on sign-ups for the small business and consumer segments.

The consultant built out Tableau dashboards to reflect the paid media data and a forecast model to show anticipated acquisition results.

The analysis revealed how specific media, channels, and campaigns affected acquisitions, and how strategic decisions on media buying could increase efficiencies.

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Customer Programs

PayPal looked to an EM consultant to build and manage its Customer Advocacy Program to
ensure a steady pipeline of merchants to feature in marketing content across core markets.

The consultant singlehandedly built the ‘PayPal Independents’ program, including recruiting,
retaining, and engaging small business owners—including signing up nearly 50 new merchants in less than a year. The program allows PayPal to showcase its impact on small business.

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Social Media

PayPal asked EM for an experienced social media specialist to embed within the company’s
small business team.

She helped brainstorm ideas for marketing campaigns, developed monthly content calendars, and contributed to a larger marketing strategy. She also worked on metrics to help tie social media activity to the number of new signups and total processing volume. The consultant ended up staying on with PayPal to manage the program for 24 more months.

How can we help you?

EM Marketing and PayPal maintain a robust partnership. Whenever PayPal needs extra help or an infusion of specialized marketing knowledge, EM Marketing is there to deliver.

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