Project & Program Management

Your projects will be both on-time and of high quality when managed by our product development and marketing campaign specialists.

Why EM?

High Quality Talent

  • Experienced, smart, strategic, and skilled at the art of Getting Stuff Done (GSD)
  • On average over 15 years of experience inside top-tier companies
  • 93% satisfaction/retention rate

Modern Marketers

  • Adaptable, flexible, versatile, grounded people
  • Use natural empathy to simplify the complex
  • Creative storytellers

Easy for Managers

  • Saves you time by doing the search for you
  • Personal, friendly customer service
  • Founded by a marketer for marketers

Plug & Play + More

  • Deep, diverse, and vetted bench — can flex up & down depending on needs
  • Work with small & big companies
  • Solutions for transitions, short-term, & maternity leave

Our Team & Our Clients:

Lori Reddy

Lori Reddy LinkedIn

Lori Reddy
  • Project Management
  • Video Production
  • Event Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Integrated Marketing

Karen Paluska

Karen Paluska LinkedIn

Karen Paluska

What our clients have to say about Karen Paluska

"Karen was a quick study and asked many insightful questions that helped us push our thinking. She was great at partnering with a variety of functions and getting buy-in on her ideas, which made their implementation much faster and smoother. She displayed a strong combination of strategic thinking and execution skills, which was the reason that after her first project with our team, she was asked to work on another one. It was clear that she had a strong sense of ownership and would jump through hoops to help us out. I know the team was very happy with her work and that we would gladly hire her again."
— Firouzeh Murray | Intuit

Core Skills

Marketing Strategy
Brand Development
Project Management
Art Direction
Email Marketing
Social Media
Graphic Design

Work HIstory

Consultant: 2008-now
Intuit: 2006-2008
Moxi Digital: 2000-2004
WebTV Networks: 1996-1999


MA, Communication, Culture, & Technology, Georgetown University; BA, Communication, Stanford University

EM Profile

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Artful Insights, Proven Impact

Karen Paluska prides herself on thinking about “the big picture” of marketing strategy without sacrificing the critical attention to detail that can make or break a project. Brand strategy and messaging are two of Karen’s particular areas of expertise, but she has a wide range of marketing skills and can always pull out the right tool for the job. With her extensive art background, combined with strong writing skills and an aptitude for project management, she is a one-stop-shop when it comes to executing large projects. Whether it’s a product launch or a website rebrand, if Karen is involved, the strategy will be on point, the deadline will be met, and the deliverable will be a work of art.

A Bay Area Native with a Wealth of High-Tech Experience

Karen grew up in San Mateo and earned a degree in Communication from Stanford before heading off to Budapest, Hungary, to teach English and travel. Once she moved back to the Bay Area, she worked for WebTV Networks where she fell in love with the adrenaline-rush of the startup world. She went on to complete a Master’s degree in Communication, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown, but after two years of living on the East Coast, she was ready to make her way back to the tech world. At the consumer electronics startup Moxi, she helped launch the company at CES and win Best of Show for the product. At Intuit, she created a welcome guide and worked on positioning and messaging of the QuickBooks Payroll family of products. Karen recently spent three years living in Paris before returning to the Bay Area where she’s now consulting for a variety of tech-focused companies.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Karen looks at every job through the lens of a designer. What is the personality of the brand in question? How should that personality look and feel, and how can it stand out from the competition? She prides herself on being able to identify the heart of a company’s mission and creating deliverables that establish a strong, consistent brand.

Time Off: Next Stop the Prado

Karen enjoys painting and creative writing in her free time. When visiting museums, she loves modern art but can also spend hours admiring the incredible detail of medieval illuminated manuscripts. These days, Karen’s biggest marketing challenge is convincing her two school-aged children that museums can be fun places to visit - but watch out, kids, Karen is nothing if not persistent.

Kimberly Wiefling

Kimberly Wiefling LinkedIn

Kimberly Wiefling
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Management Consulting
  • Program Management
  • Team Building

Molly Tapias

Molly Tapias LinkedIn

Molly Tapias
Content | Strategy Branding & Messaging
  • Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Data & Analytics
  • Management Consulting

Le Tran

Le Tran LinkedIn

Le Tran
  • Product Marketing
  • Integrated Campaigns
  • Category Development
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Brand Management

Nancy Keith Kelly

Nancy Keith Kelly LinkedIn

Nancy Keith Kelly

What our clients have to say about Nancy Keith Kelly

"If you’re looking for a self-starter, quick learner and strategic thinker, Nancy Keith Kelly is your gal. Nancy excels at teamwork and collaborating across borders. She brings a global perspective to her roles which allows strategies and plans to travel globally. Her communications skills – both internally and externally – are unequaled. Nancy was a highly valued creator and contributor to the Marketing Strategy & Effectiveness team at a critical juncture of our marketing transformation, and she always brought sunshine and a sense of humor to the team."
— Engelina Jaspers | Hewlett-Packard

Core Skills

Marketing & Communications Strategy
Global Marketing (especially Asia)
Marketing Campaigns & Programs
Stakeholder Engagement
Environmental Sustainability
Customer Programs & Event Marketing
Executive & Employee Communications
Agency Management

Work HIstory

Consultant: 2014-now
Hewlett-Packard: 2008-2014
Agencies (FH, H+K, etc.): 1997-2008
Apple: Late 1980s-1997


Guest Lecturer, History, California Polytechnic State University, 2011-present ; BA, History, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

EM Profile

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A Marketing Generalist with a Global Perspective

Nancy is a creative thinker, adventurer, and team builder. She’s also an expert in both business development as well as marketing & communications strategy, making her an ideal fit for a wide variety of marketing programs. She is currently working with the Intuit Developer Group to bring apps developed with strategic partners to market. She explains what the apps do, describes the benefits to customers, and her work has produced exactly the results the company hoped it would. Intuit didn’t need an app for that. They had Nancy.

A Successful Launch of Her Own

It’s a great big world out there, and Nancy is working hard to discover every square inch of it. A California native with a liberal arts background, Nancy was considering a career in law but landed instead at Apple, where she was part of the team that helped to launch the company’s operations in Japan and China. As a result of her experiences living in Hong Kong and Singapore, Nancy has set a goal for herself to visit 100+ countries. She crosses destinations off the same way she crosses off projects, one unforgettable adventure at a time.

A Global Leader, A Can-Do Attitude

Nancy prides herself on being a citizen of the world. She knows from firsthand experience that what works in the U.S. market may not work abroad. Her expertise has benefited more than a few companies that understand that as great as the U.S. market is, overseas markets are where the real action is. She’s also a people person who believes in the importance of getting to know your teammates, letting them know what you do, and that you’re eager to help them. Happy to set strategy or carry it out, she wears the title “working director” with pride.

Time Off: Meaningful Friendships, Epic Adventures

Nancy’s spirit of adventure simply knows no bounds. She’s photographed polar bears in Northern Canada, just under the arctic circle. She’s scaled Mt. Rainier and Mt. Kilimanjaro. Living and working in Asia gave her chance to explore parts of China, Thailand, and Cambodia most people don’t see. She’s an outdoors enthusiast who loves spending time with friends and hanging out with horses. Nancy isn’t somebody that likes to sit still. The world is waiting, and Nancy is on her way.

Justin Liszanckie

Justin Liszanckie LinkedIn

Justin Liszanckie
Design & Development Manager
  • Project Management
  • User Testing
  • Competitive Research
  • Photography
  • On Air Talent

Joe Morrow

Joe Morrow LinkedIn

Joe Morrow
  • Product Management
  • User Experience
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
  • Digital Strategy
  • Information Architecture

Azadeh Rasmussen

Azadeh Rasmussen LinkedIn

Azadeh Rasmussen
  • Marketing Orchestration
  • Operations and Program Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Cross-functional Communication
  • Market Research

Lisa McNelley

Lisa McNelley LinkedIn

Lisa McNelley
  • Marketing Strategy
  • PR
  • Project Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Online Marketing

Marianna Peyzner

Marianna Peyzner LinkedIn

Marianna Peyzner
  • Demand Generation
  • SEM
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Lead Generation

Rachel Rath

Rachel Rath LinkedIn

Rachel Rath
  • Product Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Marketing Communications

Tiffany Bingaman

Tiffany Bingaman LinkedIn

Tiffany Bingaman
  • Event Planning
  • Project Organization
  • Online Entrepreneur
  • Administrative Support

Stonia Seng

Stonia Seng LinkedIn

Stonia Seng
  • Social Media
  • Web Research
  • Trade Show Events