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Content strategy for merged companies


  • Content audit
  • Content strategy
  • Content migration plan
  • Content creation


  • Complete migration plan ready to hand off to project manager for execution



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When Astute Solutions acquired SocialBakers, they created a new brand, Emplifi, for the merged company and its expanded product offering.

Emplifi needed help identifying what existing content they could use on their new site. They also needed help filling the gaps with new content. With teams and messaging still works-in-progress, they needed outside eyes for perspective and dedicated hands laser focused on the project, which had a tight timeline.

Our Approach

EM provided Emplifi with two writers and a content strategist who also had a background in product marketing. Our strategist led an audit, reviewing and categorizing hundreds of web articles to create a decision making framework. She then set up weekly check-ins with the stakeholders to validate the framework.

With her background in product management, she was able to identify the top performing content most aligned with the company’s new goals and their expanded product offering. She created a detailed content plan, along with a recommended migration strategy, and got buy-in from all the stakeholders. Then she pivoted into editorial mode, helping prepare content for publication on the new site.


As the new entity honed in on its voice, our team was able to offer fresh perspectives and unbiased recommendations. At a time when people, priorities and products were in flux, our team was able to work through the ambiguity and engage the resources they needed to stay laser focused on a mission critical project.

They delivered the content and migration plan for the new website, on schedule and in a much more comprehensive and detailed format than the client had originally envisioned.

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