Gig Car Share is the first new product launch from A3Ventures, the innovation lab and capital investment engine of AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah. Gig Car Share launched with a sizable advertising budget, which drove significant awareness and trial in the Oakland and Berkeley markets. However, over the following year, new customers acquisition began to fall and the three digital agencies that the company was leveraging were unable to stem the decline. Enter EM.

Gig Car Share

Campaign & Marketing Tech Stack Audits
Growth Strategy
Mobile Advertising Campaign Revamp & Management


Technical Marketing Stack Audit
Agency Audit
Mobile Acquisition Test Plan & Execution
Screening & Selection of FTE Hires

Gig Car Share
Our Approach

Staff Gig Car Share with a team of four Growth Expert Consultants who together have the right experience to evaluate the current situation, conduct audits, and recommend and test a new growth strategy. The EM team is comprised of two Senior Leads with Mobile Acquisition Experience, one Senior Lead with Digital Agency Management experience, and one Consultant with Marketing Technology experience.

EM’s team also shared a different methodology for Growth or Customer Acquisition, which was a hole with their previous team. EM spent 6-8 weeks embedded with the Gig Car team and was successful in pivoting the performance of the campaigns.

Gig Car Share
Gig Car Share
  • Saved A3Ventures more than $200k in agency fees per year
  • Took over Paid Social campaigns delivering a 268% increase in new member sign-ups exceeding monthly goals
  • Staffed team with the right experience to succeed