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Intuit and EM Marketing: Better Together

EM Marketing is a digital marketing agency that serves as a trusted resource for marketing consultants to the tech industry. We tapped our deep bench of marketing experts to fill short-term needs at financial software company Intuit.

EM Marketing and Intuit maintain a robust partnership. Whenever Intuit needs extra help or an infusion of specialized marketing knowledge, EM Marketing is there to deliver.


The year our partnership began

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Total projects with Intuit

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Number of clients we've partnered with at Intuit

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Project Snapshots

Here are snapshots of some of the many ways EM consultants have helped PayPal satisfy diverse marketing needs:

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Product Marketing

Intuit sought out an EM consultant to help launch various new versions and products, including Point of Sale and Payments products for both desktop and mobile and a mobile POS solution for the quick-serve restaurant segment.

The consultant did extensive research and testing on onboarding, first-time-use, and retention to see how to improve adoption, and notably helped Intuit increase uptake of QuickBooksPayments by 18% by improving the onboarding process.

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Content Promotion and Syndication

An EM consultant helped Intuit extensively with email marketing, SEO optimization,
and content syndication.

One element of this work was producing a newsletter targeting the SMB sector, with articles also published on Medium and syndicated to MSN and Inc. Another was helping the SEO team create surveys to source data to inform compelling stories, which the team would pitch to various sites to get follow links.

The consultant helped the team do segmentation and testing to ensure continuous optimization.

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Project Management

An EM consultant worked with Intuit as a project manager focused on global and U.S. pricing for QuickBooks Online products, doing strategy work, execution of billing and communications migration, and troubleshooting.

Separately, this consultant served as project manager for the release of a new product combining TurboTax and QuickBooks Online Self-Employed.

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Website Development and Migration

The Intuit.com Web team brought an EM consultant on board to manage ongoing projects for the website, including page development and migrating Intuit’s QuickBooks website between technology stacks twice within seven years.

The consultant did four major price tests and three UI tests to help determine the strategy for migration, and the consultant’s input significantly changed the look and feel of the UI and had a major impact on revenue performance.

How can we help you?

EM Marketing and PayPal maintain a robust partnership. Whenever PayPal needs extra help or an infusion of specialized marketing knowledge, EM Marketing is there to deliver.

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