Driving eCommerce with a bespoke agency team


  • Messaging Brief
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website Tagline & Copy
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • Website Redesign
  • Email Templates Redesign


  • Elevated brand image
  • Solid foundation for optimizing digital acquisition efforts
  • Greater ability to drive engagement with existing content
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental revenue
  • 3x improvement in Facebook ROAS
kuiu case study image 1

Building on a passionate fan base

KUIU, a direct-to-consumer hunting gear and apparel company, had built a passionate customer base in just a few years. They wanted to invest in their brand, ecommerce strategy, content, and marketing systems to lay a foundation for exponential growth during peak retail season. But, they didn’t have people with the right digital marketing skills on staff, and covering all their needs would require working with more than one agency. They didn’t have time for that.

A one stop shop

EM was able to quickly put together a bespoke team of specialists, including a project manager with deep digital marketing experience; a creative director; a positioning strategist; a website project manager, and an eCommerce specialist.

The team began by auditing KUIU’s existing branding, content and marketing/ecommerce systems. From there they built the foundational elements for effectively acquiring customers and generating sales. These included:

  • User testing of their existing site 
  • Quick fixes for design and copy issues on their existing website 
  • New brand guidelines 
  • Updated strategy and content for website and email marketing 
  • Conversion rate optimization 
  • Redesigning their email welcome series

These laid the groundwork for a full website redesign, which our team executed for them. 

Our digital specialist also audited their paid media programs and coached their internal digital lead through transitioning Facebook ads from an agency to in house and optimizing the program.

"I love the integration of the photography and the focus on the product.

It’s lovely."

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental revenue

The client was ecstatic with the results. They felt that all content, design, and strategy had helped elevate the brand. The new, content-rich website was well positioned to leverage existing KUIU content to drive customer engagement. Our consultant’s work on their Facebook ads program resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental revenue, and a three-fold increase in ROAS.

Kuiu case study image 2

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