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Cutting acquisition costs by 90%


  • Paid acquisition strategy
  • Channel and ad product testing
  • Creative, messaging and landing page testing
  • Funnel optimization


  • 90% reduction in cost per acquisition
  • Operationalized testing program
  • Optimized funnel
  • Portfolio of sustainable, profitable ad programs
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Making paid acquisition sustainable

Poynt was experimenting with paid acquisition as a way to attract new small to medium sized merchants to their connected commerce platform. However, costs were unsustainably high. It was clear to them that their lean, product marketing-oriented team did not have the expertise required to optimize paid advertising in a hyper competitive vertical.

Specialized expertise and a disciplined approach

EM set Poynt up with a digital marketer with many years of experience doing paid acquisition for some of the world’s top ecommerce companies. He put together a strategy for testing different platforms and ad products. He also instituted a structured program of copy testing, landing page testing and funnel optimization.

A 90% reduction in cost per acquisition

Within six months, our marketer was able to find a winning combination of platforms, products and messages that reduced Poynt’s cost per acquisition by 90%. This made paid advertising a profitable source of new business for the company. Poynt was later acquired by GoDaddy.

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