The people behind our people.

If agility were the new black, we’d be seriously stylish. Whether you’re hiring one of our consultants for a specific project, or having us assemble a crew to tackle a project with more moving parts, we’re here to help you find the right people for the job, and do whatever it takes to get them signed up and working for you lickety split.


Dan Holmes

Partner & CFO

Kathy Jung

VP of Operations

Ken Chen

Founder & President

Practice Area Leads

Charlie Mock

Head of Growth & Data Analytics

Justin Liszanckie

Head of Design & Development

Molly Tapias

Director of Business Development


Denice Leong

Senior Talent & Community Manager

Ellery Seither

Operations Coordinator

Emily Tait

Operations Coordinator

Julianna Rozycki

Talent Recruiter

Karen Lehner


Mackenzie Hamilton

Operations Coordinator

Tiffany Bingaman

Finance Manager

Tiffany Quang

Senior Manager, Operations and People

Zel Estrella

Data Coordinator


“I can’t say enough about Ken and his team. I’ve hired EM at my past two jobs: they have become my ‘go to’ marketing people.”

Laura Uribarri, Director of Marketing, GoDaddy